Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Nigerian Igbo Men Beat Their Wives All the Time

In the kitchen where she had gone to scoop out some browned rice to encourage their five youngsters, the spouse turned creature trapped her with a solitary punch to the back of the head.

‘Try not to hit me, please,’ argued the spouse, ‘and what did I do to you that you hit me so hard, thus ordinarily?’

Infuriated both by her requesting a clarification and her supplication for kindness, the beast hit the lady again in her left eye, and over her nose. He went for her teeth and thumped her on the highest point of her lip.

Red blood kept running down from the lady’s nose and mouth and splashed everywhere throughout the bond floor, alongside the edge of the kitchen cupboard.Two teeth behind her upper lip were absent

Other than protecting her face with her elbows and arms she was unprotected against the savagery of the creature.

With the back of her correct hand the lady started to wipe blood dribbling from her nose. Doing as such uncovered her cheek, and ‘the creature,’ the lady later stated, ‘slapped me with the speed of the fallen angel, seven times on the correct cheek and three times on the left.’

The last blow had such power in it that it startled her and she fell. She rapidly got up from the floor and inclined her back against the shut kitchen entryway. For her kids she stayed extreme until the very end, when all of a sudden she separated and started to shout. Her cries pulled in the consideration of the youngsters.

‘Bolt the entryway rapidly,’ said the three-year-old, the most youthful of the kids.

‘What’s the issue?’ asked the seven-year-old.

‘Father is punching and beating Mama once more,’ addressed the most seasoned of the five.

Hush fell upon the youngsters, a pointer to the mother that they had turned out to be mindful of the bustle. ‘Gracious! My youngsters! Goodness, my five hungry kids,’ she sobbed.

Over the lamp fuel stove, laying on the low kitchen pantry, was a razor-thin kitchen cut. The lady considered grabbing it up and applying it over the throat of the beast, however she couldn’t force herself to do it.

Detecting his defenselessness should his significant other summon enough boldness to seize the blade, the creature chose to complete her off. He kicked her with his shoed feet over the midriff and the chest, constraining her to overlay up, hunkering around the kitchen entryway.

Fulfilled that the lady was beaten to the extent that she had no psyche and no physical quality, the beast wobbled out of the kitchen, his voice undermining as he left, ‘Tell anyone, tell your family, tell your mom, tell your companions or your sisters, and I might mock them as well as beat you some more and drive you out of my home.’

In spite of the notice from the beast, this time the lady was overcome enough to report the rehashed manhandle. She had enough. Once the manhandle was out in the open, the rascal went on the run; sought after, not by experts since none exist, but rather by his inward devils.

The police have been brought in the past to bind an Igbo man who had thumped out his significant other with the ruthlessness of his left clench hand, just for them to laugh and leave, saying, ‘This not a police matter.’

A ward minister has been called to reproach and sentence to hellfire an Igbo man who gave his significant other two bruised eyes, just for him to advise her, ‘You know, when you wedded, you wedded regardless, passing included.’

You would be mixed up for believing that the courtroom would vary from the police and the cleric. A judge would, in all examples, roar with laughter, stroke his facial hair and pronounce, ‘That is a family matter, my young companion; backpedal home and settle with your better half.’

Groups of mishandled ladies, who should be the final resort of security, frequently bring their hands up in annihilation, and request that ladies backpedal and cook better sustenance for their creatures.

This present culture of ‘looking the other way,’ has permitted spouse ambush to soar among Nigerian Igbos. Back in the days when Igbo men had guts, in any case, my Uncle Karl needed to send my cousin C.K.G. to ruin an in-law who had attacked my niece.

In the event that an Igbo man beats his significant other in any edified nation he goes to imprison, where he gets flailed wildly by genuine men; so for what reason would a fat-bellied slime ball in Nigeria who hits his better half not be tossed behind bars, where at any rate he would take in the genuine importance of life?

One could always propose why a man, an Igbo man, could punch any lady twenty-two times in the face, on the lips and nose, and not stop to thoroughly consider his activities when he draws the primary drop of blood, or when two teeth tumble from her mouth.

Disappointment, some say, is the genuine reason Nigerian Igbos beat their spouses once a day: Frustrations radiating from destitution, dissatisfaction exuding from individual disappointments, dissatisfactions from hidden desires, disappointments from a swelled tummy, stinking breath, underhanded teeth, and feebleness.

Others believe that the Igbo spouse beatings would not exist if youthful Igbo men had somewhat more training. Tank tops are half-taught, they say.

Accordingly, it never struck them that life isn’t a luxurious situation. Nothing unexpected, at that point, that whenever they advance on the prickly fix of wedded life they go insane. Had they been instructed they would fathom that Igbo ladies have solid feelings, and endeavoring to stifle them resembles attempting to smother a developing pregnancy.

For lucidity, let me bring up that not all Igbo men strike their spouses. There are Igbo men, poor and well off, educated and unschooled, who are of faultless character. They could never lay a hand on their spouses nor endure any man who hurt their dear little girls, their wonderful sisters and their amazing moms.

Be that as it may, you know, much the same as the Igbo axiom says, ‘When oil soils one finger, whatever is left of the fingers are dirty.